Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Toay Family

*Ok- since this question has come up more than once now, this family session is a brother and two sisters with the sister's two girls (respectively).  The session was a surprise for the Father/Grandfather of the children.  This is not a man with two wives (not that I wish to enter an opinion there either way).
Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Great pics of the Toay family!!! Good lookin fam!

  2. As I was looking through your beautiful work, I came across this and thought "Is this a Mormon family in the making." LOL. Liz, since you shoot many of your sessions abroad, how about you head down to the Sunshine State and photograph my little gremlins!! Your photograpy is breath taking!!! You may think I joking about the Florida part, but if the Foley family ever comes to Disney World, it would be awesome to meet up with you guys:)
    Keep in Touch!
    Renee Gork Capshaw